“I hope more people will take the time to be involved in sharing their Traditional Knowledge in the future. It’s worth it to collect it. It becomes the most valuable piece of information your community will have to fight with.”

—Lawrence Lefort,  Eagle Lake First Nation


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Indigenous Knowledge and Land Use Studies

Channeling the Wisdom of Indigenous Knowledge.

Indigenous Knowledge Studies are powerful tools for protecting and asserting your Rights and interests.  Our social research team has had the great honour of interviewing over a thousand land users, Elders and Knowledge Holders from coast to coast to coast. We help you create compelling pictures of land use and occupancy designed to influence regulatory decisions, project planning and design, and the outcome of negotiations with industry.

Tell Your Story with Purpose and Impact.

Each study we conduct is as unique as the Nations we serve. When we work with you to design your study, considering your end goals — the “so what” element of data gathering — is of primary importance. We combine cutting-edge GIS mapping technology with tailored research approaches to produce powerful, legally defensible maps that show the historic and current connection Indigenous Nations have to their lands and waters. We understand the power of story, and how to use Oral History interviews to add colour and depth to your mapped data. Our professional videographers help gather and preserve knowledge for future generations. Community-driven capacity development and a deep commitment to data protection are key elements of each study. And what’s more — we make the research process fun and meaningful for everyone involved! When it comes to Indigenous Knowledge studies, the possibilities, and the benefits, are endless.


  • Land Use and Occupancy Studies
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge Studies
  • Field Interviews and Groundtruthing
  • Community Well-being Studies
  • Oral History Studies
  • GIS and Mapping

Want more information? Download our Indigenous Knowledge Studies brochure. [pdf]

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