It expanded what I do know. I feel prepared for the next monitoring jobs that will arise.”

Environmental Monitoring Course Participant

When you’re walking in the water, you don’t think about all the bugs and how to identify what they are. The knowledge I’ve gained, I could pass down to my son as well and to my community.”

Environmental Monitoring Course Participant

Environmental Monitoring Training

Who should take this course?

This introductory level course is a great starting point for anyone interested in pursuing:

  • environmental monitoring positions connected to development projects, such as mines or transmission lines, or 
  • as a basis for pursuing a position in an Indigenous Nation’s environmental department

There are no prerequisites.

Participants from our training sessions have gone on to work in positions connected to development projects which are impacting their Nation, their Nation’s lands departments or as volunteer citizen scientists.

 All of our course offerings can be modified to suit your needs such as: 


  • Linear corridor focus
  • Mining focus
  • Nuclear project focus
  • Solid waste management focus
  • Other development or First Nation department needs


In this hands-on, four-week course, students will 

  • Gain an understanding of environmental field monitoring, 
  • Gain the confidence to conduct field monitoring using both standard Western science methods and equipment, and
  • Learn about the accompanying Anishinaabe ceremony and protocols. 

Participants will learn:

  • Common field monitoring best practices​
  • The use of GPS units​
  • Data collection standards
  • Field work safety

Participants will practice:

  • Taking surface water samples and using handheld multi-probes, taking stream velocity ​measurements
  • How to monitor groundwater levels and sample groundwater wells using low-flow sampling and standard sampling methods


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Environmental Monitoring Training

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