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Emily Stairs,

Intermediate Terrestrial Ecologist

Emily is an ecologist with 13 years of professional experience and a strong and diverse background in the mining and oil sands sectors.  Work in those sectors has focused on key aspects of regulatory and permitting, remediation and reclamation works, and greenfield and brownfield projects. She has planned and conducted numerous field investigations and has vast experience in data collection, including baseline environmental sampling and monitoring, wetland assessments, wildlife/bird surveys, fish and wildlife salvages, data management, technical report writing, project coordination and management, environmental site inspections/auditing, species at risk/habitat assessments, fish and wildlife habitat design and reconstruction, GIS mapping, and technical research. Emily has experience designing and implementing research programs focusing on vegetation, fish/wildlife, hydrology, water/air/soil quality, and constructing sinuous habitat to incorporate traditional uses into final designs. She has carried out her work in multiple provinces including Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in Environment and Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo, with Diplomas of Excellence in Environmental Assessment, and Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation. Emily is an avid outdoor enthusiast, foraging wild edibles and tracking wildlife in every season. She deeply values the importance of conservation, restoration, and responsible resource development, and holds high standards for environmental protection and land management.



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Environmental Management


Water Resources

Environmental Assessments

Additional Superpowers

excel, data analysis / plant id / auditing / species at risk / habitat assessments / can drive anything with wheels!