Norway House Cree Nation

Remediation Project Support- 2 Mile and 8 Mile Channels

We have been retained by Norway House Cree Nation (NHCN) to provide remediation support. This support is intended to assess the current remediation plan and will involve the negotiation of a new funding agreement with Manitoba Hydro. SVS will provide recommendations on the existing remediation plan and, understand the processes, challenges, opportunities, and nuances facing the Project. Based on the Preliminary assessment, SVS would develop a detailed work plan and structure that lays out expectations, timelines, communication protocols, and reporting to support the advancement of the Project on schedule.

The detailed work plan would be used as a tool for negotiating a new funding agreement with Manitoba Hydro. The work plan and structure will determine how we execute the Project in a way that works for NHCN, Manitoba Hydro, and all contractors and other consultants. 






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Environmental Monitoring

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