Manitoba Métis Federation

Walleye Telemetry Tagging Program

Shared Value Solutions Ltd. (SVS) supported the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) during the development of the MMF’s ‘Walleye Spawning Ground Identification Study Framework’, and delivery of in-field training on the walleye sampling methods outlined in that framework .

Building on this work, SVS aquatic researchers, MMF Staff and their guide (a local and very knowledgeable Métis fisher)  traveled to Dauphin Manitoba to further support the MMF, in October 2022. On this trip, the team caught and radio-tagged walleye in preparation for the MMF’s spring program to track walleye spawning.  

All of these moving pieces and programs are helping the MMF to steward walleye habitat and support healthy and thriving walleye populations in the lake for future generations of Métis harvesters, Métis commercial fishers and Métis communities. 






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