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Leah Culver, M.A.

Human Environment Consultant

Leah is a human environment consultant and sociocultural anthropologist. Leah has a strong background in qualitative method design and research, project coordination, and community based social research. Her diverse experience with First Nation and Métis communities in Canada includes socio-economic impact assessments, indigenous knowledge and land use mapping, oral history research, GIS, documentary film making, evaluation of water stewardship strategies, and Aboriginal Community Energy Planning. Outside of Canada, she has done evaluation work for small NGO in Kenya and research with small-scale farmers in Paraguay.

Leah is a strong advocate for community-based and community-led participatory research and believes in the power of people’s stories to bring broader meaning to current issues. She is a member of the Canadian Anthropological Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology.


Indigenous Knowledge and Land Use Studies

Capacity Building

Multimedia Storytelling

Additional Superpowers

ethnographic and qualitative research methods | participatory-based research | urban and rural food issues | human-environment relations | project and program evaluation | capacity development | environmental resource management | interdisciplinary research | political-ecology | socio-economic impact assessments | report writing | GIS data analysis