Minodahmun Development Limited Partnership

Environmental Monitoring Training

MDLP is invested in training members from their three partnered communities to be active participants in economic and resource development opportunities on their territories including Environmental Monitoring for mines, hydro projects, pipeline, linear corridors, construction, etc. 

SVS developed a three week (14-day) introductory training course to certify participants in Environmental Monitoring of surface and groundwater, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, and fish and wildlife surveys. The course content prepared participants to be Environmental Monitors alongside Environmental Consultants and Site Managers on development projects.  

The course was designed to be 70% field-based with a heavy focus on technical skills and content retention. Upon completion of the course 100% of the graduates were immediately hired for 2 weeks of field-biology work at Greenstone Gold Mines. 






Environmental Monitoring

Capacity Building

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