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Claire Avisar, BA, MA

Social Researcher

Claire is a passionate storyteller whose love of connecting communities with mediums of expression, creative and otherwise, brought her to SVS.

She is a socio-cultural anthropologist and experienced communications consultant, with a strong background in social research, campaign development, community engagement, and a penchant for political advocacy.

Claire holds a master’s degree in socio-cultural anthropology from the University of Toronto. Her thesis, The Museum is the Message: Museums, Media, and Multiculturalism in Canada, focused on the history of the Canadian museum as a settler-colonial nation-building tool. In this work, she also explored the extent to which the museum has been used by Indigenous Nations in Canada as a mode of political and cultural resistance.

Working as a tutor at Kanhanwake Survival School during her undergraduate degree ignited Claire’s interest in working with Indigenous Knowledge. Having grown up in a multicultural household, and becoming involved in Canada’s many cultural communities, she grew interested in fostering cross-cultural communications and collaboration in Canada.

Outside of work, Claire enjoys poetry, plant-based nutrition and cooking, and will always make a museum her first stop in a new city.


Indigenous Knowledge

Multimedia Storytelling

Additional Superpowers

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