Treaty and Aboriginal Land Stewards Association of Alberta (TALSAA) and British Columbia Aboriginal Land Managers (BCALM)

Data Sovereignty and GIS Data Management Training

TALSAA is a non-political organization consisting of First Nations land managers responsible for the administration and management of First Nations lands and natural resources in Alberta. Similarly, BCALM operates as a technical land management advisory body to engage BC First Nation Land Managers in opportunities that will enhance their skills and knowledge and provide tools and systems to efficiently and effectively manage their lands. 

TALSAA & BCALM contacted SVS to request the delivery of a workshop series for their members on Indigenous data sovereignty, data management and managing GIS data. The series consisted of two full-day online training sessions with content as follows: 

Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Action (Part 1): Applied Approaches for Geospatial Data Governance and Management – March 23, 2023 

    1. What is Indigenous Data Sovereignty  
    2. Introduction to Data Governance & Data Management  
    3. Interactive Whiteboard Session: Opportunities and Challenges around Data Governance and Data Management 
    4. Lands And Consultation Departments: ​Management and Process 
    5. Indigenous Knowledge Research Methodology & Design 
    6. Data management for IK Studies 

Indigenous Data Sovereignty in Action (Part 2): Building Geospatial Capacity for Land Managers – March 31, 2023 

    1. GIS Data Management:  How do you consolidate diverse data types into easy to use datasets?  How do you turn all that data in useful maps?  
    2. ArcGIS Online: Exploring tools that all staff cna use to view maps and data and Data collection tools.
    3. ArcGIS Pro: More maps and tools and How to assess impacts to your Nation.



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