Lynn Wardle



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Lynn Wardle, B.Sc.

GIS Specialist

Lynn Wardle is a GIS Specialist with a background in ecological management, natural heritage systems and land use planning. Before joining SVS in 2019, she spent 12 years in private ecological consulting working on projects from a site-specific scale to regional level. She brings experience leveraging GIS tools, for the purpose of improving efficiencies and workflow automation, and in the design and maintenance of databases for the purposes of assuring data integrity.

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology with an Ecology Minor from the University of Guelph. Following this, she completed post graduate certificates in Ecosystem Restoration and Geographic Information Systems.


Indigenous Knowledge and Land Use Studies




Community Planning

Additional Superpowers

GIS | cartography | spatial analysis | data management | land use planning | natural heritage systems | species at risk | ecological restoration | ecological land classification | remote sensing