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Laura Taylor, M.A.

Managing Partner

Laura Taylor is passionate about the potential of storytelling to transform lives, communities and companies for the better. She is a professional writer, social researcher, stakeholder engagement specialist, photographer and videographer who is skilled at plain language communication for all manner of stakeholders. She uses her range of skills to conduct consultation programs for private sector clients, as well as to conduct award-winning traditional knowledge and land use studies and related projects for Métis and First Nations communities across Ontario. Laura is a recipient of a Consulting Engineers of Ontario Award for Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge achievements (2011).

 Laura is also the author of the best-selling book, The Cottage Bible (with Gerry Mackie, Boston Mills Press 2007) – a how-to book for cottage owners that covers technical, environmental and financial trouble-shooting & problem-solving: “Practical, comprehensive, environment-friendly advice” – Montreal Gazette. She is also the author of a literary memoir, A Taste for Paprika (Penguin 2005). Her photographs have been featured in many journals, magazines (including Oprah Magazine), books and technical guides, including More Straw Bale Building: A Complete Guide to Designing and Building with Straw. She is a member of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).


Indigenous Knowledge

Environmental Management Planning

Storytelling & Engagement

Capacity Building

Additional Superpowers

communications | graphic design | photography | videography | facilitation | participatory communications | social research | community and stakeholder engagement | public participation | stakeholder analysis | public consultation | training