Attawapiskat First Nation

Technical Advisory Support for the Victor Diamond Mine Environmental Management Committee

Attawapiskat First Nation first retained Shared Value Solutions(SVS) in February 2019 to support their engagement on the De Beers Group of Companies’ (DBC) Victor Diamond Mine (VDM) Project within Attawapiskat’s Traditional Territories. From February 2019 to December 2021, SVS provided technical advice and support on the review of permit applications and amendments, technical reports, memos, and correspondence that Attawapiskat received from DBC and government regulators in relation to engagement on the VDM project. SVS provided technical and strategic regulatory advice to Attawapiskat staff, leadership, and Environmental Management Committee members on issues and concerns with the operations and closure of the VDM. These activities included briefings with Attawapiskat leadership and legal advisors and attending technical meetings with DBC staff and government bodies.  

In 2019, SVS also conducted a technical review of the VDM Closure Plan Amendment #4, and in 2021 conducted a technical review of the VDM Closure Plan Amendment #5. As part of the Closure Plan Amendment #5 review, SVS designed and shared community engagement materials about the Plan and virtually collected feedback and input from community members for incorporation in the final technical review report.  






Environmental Monitoring


Technical Peer Reviews

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