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Roman Ciecwierz

Chair of the Board

Roman Ciecwierz has been a guiding light for the SVS management team for over five years. After a stint as our fractional chief financial officer,  he was elected Chair of the Board in 2019. A senior executive and entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in all things business and financial, he has a strong vision for guiding the evolution of our company. We’ve come to know and love Roman for his ability to balance long-term strategic thinking with careful financial management. As important to us is his passion for people and clear alignment with our vision of a Canada where all peoples can reach their full potential, share prosperity, and uphold their rights. In parallel with his diverse range of business experiences, he has served on not-for-profit boards at the local, national and international levels, served as the president and chairman of the Canadian Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta (2017-2020) and currently serves as director and audit committee chair of Malteser International, Americas. 

“SVS is a good example of an organization committed to continuous learning and to creating the best version of themselves possible, starting at the partner/shareholder level cascading through every staff level,” Roman says. “The company takes their B Corp status and their mission very seriously, and it gives me great pleasure to play a leadership role on their Board of Directors to advance board development, overall governance and facilitate future growth and success.”