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Rowena Celestial, BBA 

Financial Coordinator

Rowena’s immense fascination with numbers, problem solving and analysis growing up eventually blossomed into a deep appreciation for accounting. Although she started in this field in 1992, the excitement and appeal of this discipline has yet to wear off! Rowena has combined experience in all aspects of general and financial accounting, which includes preparation and analysis of financial statements, auditing, budgeting, cash management, account reconciliation and variance analysis, and HR including payroll and benefit administration, to name a few. She consistently seeks out new opportunities to grow and learn in her field. Along with her unyielding dedication to accounting, Rowena is also passionate about uplifting others and giving back to the community. This strong desire eventually spilled over into her work life, which is what primarily drew her to the SVS team and their positive impact on Indigenous communities.

Rowena holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in accounting. She finds true fulfillment in helping the stakeholders keep track of the financial performance of the business enabling them to make an informed decision. Her professional experiences have mostly been in the healthcare industry, as she loves to do meaningful work that gives back to the community.

When Rowena isn’t immersed in financial-related matters at work or home, she loves to spend time with her close-knit family of four. Whether their weekends are spent outdoors on the ski slopes in the winter, exploring different beaches and hiking trails in the summer, or playing a life-or-death speed round of Monopoly on a rainy afternoon, there is never a dull moment when it is spent with her family.


Additional Superpowers

sales | customer service | purchasing | office administration | proficiency in using major ERP software |