“These guys
have our backs.
And they have our lawyers’ backs.”

—Former Chief
Sonny Gagnon,
Aroland First Nation



  • Regulatory Process, Filings and Hearing Support
  • Strategic Advising and Legal Support
  • IBA Research and Negotiation Support
  • Socio-cultural Impact Assessments
  • Socio-economic Management Planning
  • Consultation and Lands Department Support

Insight, Strategy and Influence

From federal impact assessments to the latest in impact benefit agreements, you can rely on our team to stay up to date and be there to help!
We support Indigenous Nations with regulatory process advising, negotiation and business strategy related to projects that impact our clients’ territories.
We have a deep understanding of the context behind the recommendations we provide, having worked with clients across various provincial, territorial and federal processes on almost every natural resource development and infrastructure project in Canada over the
last decade.
Our regulatory and negotiation experts are passionate about collaborating with Indigenous Nations to produce reports and evidence submissions that influence both proponents and regulators. Our results are defensible, constructive, and provide insight and leverage for you and your legal counsel. Our objective is to ensure that collaborative processes and practical solutions result in benefits for your Nation.
We work extensively with our Indigenous clients’ legal counsel and sometimes directly for law firms. We recognize the value of strategic knowledge and support for negotiations led by lawyers, and pride ourselves in helping shape the content of formal agreements and settlements with industry and government to the benefit of our clients.


Jason Moran

Jason Moran

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