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Morgan Edwards, M.Sc. B.Sc.H RPBio.

Senior Biologist – Fish and Aquatic Ecosystems

Morgan finds joy in facilitating the success of others through formal training and informal mentorship. He is fascinated by forests, mountains, rivers, tide pools, and complex ecosystem interactions, and, is passionate about conservation, sustainable living, and self-sufficiency through strong intentional connections to both nature and the human environment.

Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Guelph and a Master of Science in Integrative Biology, from the University of Guelph. Morgan’s thesis focused on evolutionary ecology, examining the adaptive response of larval dragonfly swimming and morphology to the presence/absence of fish.

Morgan grew up in southern Ontario before moving to British Columbia in 2012. Ever since he could walk, he has been enthralled by the natural world; perfectly content with standing in creeks, turning over rocks and logs, and exploring the intertidal. He was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged this excitement through field science summer camp and fostering the love of camping and fishing. Morgan finds peace and joy through movement in wilderness spaces. Morgan enjoys cycling, climbing, hiking and camping, paddling, skiing, foraging, fishing, cooking, puzzles, crosswords, and trying new foods.



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field studies / aquatic insects / fish and fish habitat / training and mentorship / environmental flow needs and bioenergetics / technical writing