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Levi Snook, B.Sc.

Aquatics Biologist

Levi is a fisheries and aquatic biologist with six years of experience in the fields of fisheries science, aquatic ecology and ecosystem management. He has served as the lead biologist for several projects supporting Environmental Assessment and federal and provincial approvals and permits for the hydropower, mining, transportation and renewable energy sectors. Mr. Snook has lead fish and fish habitat inventory programs as part of baseline studies on proposed mining and transportation projects. He is a Qualified Fisheries Specialist by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Ministry of Transportation Ontario.

Levi has lead several aquatic investigation programs on proposed hydroelectric sites, including assessment of pre-dam spring and fall fish spawning sites and classification of baseline site conditions. He also has experience conducting water and sediment quality monitoring, benthic invertebrate community sampling, and mapping using GIS applications.


Technical Reviews


Water Resources

Environmental Monitoring

Additional Superpowers

aquatic ecology | limnology | ecosystem management | environmental construction monitoring | GIS | project coordination