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Jody Duncan, NET

Aquatic Biologist

Jody Duncan is a fisheries and aquatic biologist with five years of experience in the field. His experience includes conducting fisheries community and habitat assessments on inland lakes and rivers throughout northeastern Ontario. He is familiar with a variety of index netting protocols and has also conducted backpack electrofishing, mark-recapture surveys, and summer creel surveys. Jody has extensive experience in conducting fieldwork to assess fish abundance, species composition, aquatic invasive species, and physio-chemical parameters of water.

Jody received his Ontario College Advanced Diploma from Sault College in 2015. He has since worked throughout northern Ontario on provincial fisheries monitoring programs. He is passionate about finding new ways to contribute to natural resource conservation and management.



Water Resources

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Assessments

Additional Superpowers

fish ecology | fish community assessments | aquatic habitat assessments | fish sampling methodologies| GIS | project coordination