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Erich Keyser, M.A.

Social Researcher

Originally from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, Erich moved to Guelph in 2016. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Religious Studies at Ursinus College, Erich came to the University of Guelph to pursue his Master’s in Geography. During this time, he worked extensively with the Blackfoot Confederacy in Alberta and Montana, conducting social research to support the Iinnii Initiative – a Blackfoot-led bison reintroduction. As a human geographer and researcher, Erich has significant experience working with First Nations, environmental NGOs, academic institutions, and federal government agencies.

Erich is a strong supporter of Indigenous-led initiatives that intersect conservation, sustainable economic development, and further promotes Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. “Two-eyed seeing” and “ethical space”, as outlined by Mi’kmaq elder Albert Marshall and the Indigenous Circle of Experts, are guiding principles that he seeks to apply to his work and life practice.



Cultural Heritage

Indigenous Knowledge

Jurisdiction & Sovereignty     

Socio-Economic Impact Assessments

Additional Superpowers

qualitative and quantitative research| human-environment relations | collaborative conservation governance| intercultural relations and communication