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Don Richardson, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Don Richardson has over 25 years of experience as a skilled facilitator supporting project implementation, impact assessments and building agreements between energy, infrastructure and resource management project proponents, community/non-governmental organizations, government agencies and rural/Indigenous communities. He fosters constructive engagement to create “shared value” between communities and infrastructure proponents.

Don currently manages stakeholder and government relations on several large scale environmental and infrastructure development projects. He is a recipient of the Canadian Urban Institute’s Brownie Award recognizing outstanding achievement in building and maintaining effective working partnerships with professionals, the local community and others involved in Brownfields redevelopment, and a Consulting Engineers of Ontario, Canada Award for Indigenous Traditional Knowledge achievements.


Jurisdiction & Sovereignty

Technical Reviews


IBAs & Negotation

Economic Development

Additional Superpowers

collaborative energy and infrastructure projects | environmental assessments | major resource and transportation sector project impact assessments  | cumulative impact assessments | communication | facilitation |mediation | negotiation |environmental enhancement programs | natural resource management | participatory communications