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Battery Recycling on the Road to B Corp

The Road to B Corp is not just about big steps, it’s also about the little steps that add up to an overall sustainable way of doing business. One of those steps we were intentional about implementing today was a battery recycling process.

The B Corp Assessment asks: “is hazardous waste (batteries, paint, electronic equipment, etc.) always disposed of responsibly in your organization”?

Here at Shared Value Solutions, we go through a lot of batteries when video and audio recording the Traditional Knowledge studies and other stories we are involved in. Until now, we were either randomly having a staff person take the batteries for recycling or hoarding them in various places waiting to be recycled “someday”. We now have a central location to collect them in the office and have made sure we know where we can recycle them.

Helpful hints for organizing battery recycling:

1. Make a container for collecting the batteries – we re-used a sturdy take-out container from Diana Downtown (bonus recycling) and marked it with a handy label (see photo inset).

2. Find out where to recycle the batteries safely – The Orange Drop Program is a great resource for finding your local locations: www.makethedrop.ca. In Guelph there are various locations including City Hall, all of the libraries, the waste resource innovation centre, and a number of convenience stores.

3. Collect and recycle often – appoint someone to take the batteries to the drop-off on a regular basis.

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